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Jets Come in All Sizes

Choose The One That’s Right For You

Whether you are taking the family to the mountains for a camping vacation or the entire office staff on a team-building retreat, you can count on Boca Jets to have the right-size jet aircraft to suit your particular needs.


Just as luxurious as the other jets, Turboprops are powered by jet engines. The only difference is that the propellers are visible rather than being enclosed in the jet engine housing. If you are planning a trip of less than two hours or fewer than 1000 miles, a Turboprop may be perfect for you.

Light Jet

Ideal for quick trips! Up to 3 hours for 4-7 passengers. Expect to fly on a Citation CJ3 or similar

Mid-Size Jet

Services up to 8 passengers and 4-5 hour flights. Typical aircraft include Citation XLS or similar

Super-Mid Jet

Luxurious amenities for up to 9 passengers. Expect to fly on a Challenger 350 or similar

Heavy Jet

Accommodates up to 13 passengers in complete luxury. Typical aircraft will be a G450 or similar

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